Example of 3D printer filament made from recycled materials

Is the 3D printer filament you purchased really made from "100% virgin material" as claimed by the manufacturer? With so many 3D printer filament manufacturers out there, it is sometimes hard to tell if the product you paid for is actually the product you received...

One way of trying to reduce filament manufacturing costs is to use recycled materials; There is absolutely nothing wrong with recycling materials, actually if done properly, it can be a great practice that everyone (including mother nature) could benefit from.

The problem starts when a consumer is purchasing a product that is described to be made from virgin material while in reality they might be getting something else.

Needless to say, all Filaments.ca 3D printing filaments are made from virgin materials, but we though we would share an example of one way to tell if a filament was made from recycled plastics:

*Thanks to one of our customer who brought in these parts


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