Introducing BioFila PlaTec from Two Bears

Introducing BioFila PlaTec from Two Bears

The first 3D printing (bio) filament that offers a higher glass temperature than ABS, resisting at 120°c!

A great alternative to petrol based filaments, Respecting the environment, easy to print, no warping issues. It’s also more gentle on your printer since you can print it at much lower temperatures (around 190°c!!).

No heated bed or a heat chamber needed as opposed to ABS.

For example, with PlaTec you can print a cup and put some boiling water in it with no issues.
Two Bears PlaTec

It’s also very strong, the guys of Two Bears tried to crush their printed cup with a LandRover but it resisted!

The first high performance filament for a healthier planet.

Produced from renewable resources and 100% biodegradable.

Unique performances:

Glass temp at 120°c!

No warping or retractions

No cracks

No need for a heat chamber

Almost invisible layers

FDA approved

Printing with BioFila PlaTec from Two Bears is as easy as printing PLA, but the strength is much more than ABS

BioFila PLATEC - Natural - 1.75mm - Learn more

BioFila PLATEC - Natural - 2.85mm - Learn more

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