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Introducing our new economy line of 3D filaments: EconoFil™


EconoFil 3D Printer Filaments Canada

The EconoFil™ series of 3D filaments is truly a unique endeavor; Having accessible, high quality and affordable filament makes it easier for more people to enter into the amazing world of 3D printing. From the start,'s vision has been to bring Canadians unique and popular 3D printing consumables without breaking the bank. EconoFil™ is a testament that even after years in business, this commitment is still very much part of our core values. Seeing the immense popularity recently in budget friendly 3D printing consumables, we're staying true to our vision and giving our customers local access to true competitively priced filaments as seen in other countries like the USA where the market is significantly larger. In fact, our EconoFil™ line is one of the lowest priced 3D filament on the market, and that is no gimmick!

The first product in our EconoFil™ line is our trusted PLA! EconoFil™ PLA is the perfect "go-to" filament for everyday 3D printing & prototyping.

PLA 1.75mm

PLA 2.85mm

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