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Introducing REFLECT-o-LAY the New Reflective Filament - Now available in Canada

REFLECT-o-LAY is a new filament that, during daylight, has an ordinary grey finish, but, when hit with beams of light in the evening, becomes reflective.

glow in the dark 3d printing filament

REFLECT-o-LAY filament essentially mimics the reflective properties of traffic signs, safety jackets and bike reflectors. On top of its amazing reflective properties, the inventor says that the filament is also flexible!

Perfect for fun 3D printing projects like sunglasses, but also for functional fashion accessories like sewn-on patches, safety gadgets for bikers or joggers – even for laser reflective position or marking points for big distances. This material is washable and sew-able!

reflect-o-lay reflective 3d filament canada

Reflect-O-Lay Reflective Filament - 1.75m - Learn More Here

Reflect-O-Lay Reflective Filament - 2.85m - Learn More Here

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