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Why are so many items sold out?

We wanted to give you guys a quick update.
We are in the middle of moving to a new larger state of the art warehouse to be able stock a lot more inventory to accommodate the growing demand and avoid out of stock items on our site in the near future.
We understand the frustration of seeing many of the popular filaments "sold out" trust us we don't like that as well😏 the main reason for being out of stock on many items now is that after our clearance sale all new stock is being directed to our new warehouse.

We are now manufacturing and running full speed to restock our new warehouse.
We appreciate your patience. Stay tuned for special announcements and some giveaways to give our loyal fans that warm and fuzzy feeling 😍😍

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  • on

    Hi Marty,
    Demand is growing very fast and we are trying to keep up. We understand your frustration.
    But on the bright side most filaments will be back in stock this week.

  • Marty on

    Writing this on Feb. 24th as I was about to order. Most of the PLA filament is out of stock … your move is certainly completed? What is the reason behind so many OOS items? I thought I had found a solid filament distributor, back to amazon and those shady AMZ and other brands filaments for now …

  • A. Nonymous on

    Okay, except that it’s February and a lot of stuff is still out of stock. How’s that warehouse coming along?

  • on

    Hi Ben,
    The move should be complete in the next 2 weeks and we should have most of the items back in stock.
    Thank you for your patience. much appreciated.

  • ben on

    When are you expecting to have the move completed? There are a couple of things I’d love to order, only…they’re out of stock…

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