HydroPro™ - Professional Water Soluble Support - 2.85mm - 0.5 KG


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HydroPro™ dissolves quickly and completely in water and is easier to print with than other water soluble materials such as PVA and PVOH.

HydroPro™ is non-toxic and fully biodegradable, meaning it can be rinsed down the drain without harming the environment or wildlife.


HydroPro™ only needs to be soaked for 1-2 hours to easily work supports off by hand, or 2-6 hours to dissolve completely.

Best Suited For

Use it as a support material to print large overhangs, intricate inner geometry, and deep cavities.


NOTE: Because HydroPro™ breaks down in water, it is sensitive to high levels of humidity in the air. For best results, store unused HydroPro™ filament in a sealed container with desiccant

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       3d filament net weight NET WEIGHT: 0.5 KG (1.1 LB)

      3d printing temperature guideline Printing


      215°C - 230°C
      • Recommended Bed Temperature:
        40C - 60C
        PEI, Buildtak recommended with a heated buildplate

      • Recommended Print Speed:
        40 – 100 mm/s