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Fusion3 F400 Professional 3D Printer


Fusion3 F400 Professional 3D Printer
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Fusion3 F400 3D Printer CanadaShipping is included in the price.

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Due to the size, this printer can only be shipped via LTL Freight.

The Perfect Combination of Performance, Ease of Use, Safety & Durability.

Fusion3 F400 provides performance that rivals expensive industrial 3D printers. The F400 is engineered to build large parts, quickly, with excellent print quality under heavy use, making it perfect for commercial and educational environments.


‘F-Series’ Core XY Platform prints at fast speeds with excellent surface finish

  • Print speed up to 250 MM/sec and layer resolution as low as 20 microns
  • All metal E3D print head with hardened steel nozzle for superior performance
  • Durable metal enclosure & rigid frame provides unparalleled mechanical stability
  • Pre-assembled and calibrated at Fusion3’s USA factory for optimal performance


The F400’s large, enclosed print area ensures great print quality with high temperature materials

  • 1.43 cu ft print area (14”×14”×12.6”)
  • Aluminum enclosure provides stable 45°C environment for printing high
    temperature materials including ABS and Polycarbonate
  • Large, clear windows allow full view of objects as they print
  • Modular components and convenient access to the interior allows for easy
    maintenance and servicing certified material for Fusion3 3D printer

We are happy to announce that 3D filament materials are now officially certified to be used on the Fusion3 high performance 3D printers!

The following materials are now on the official Fusion3 approved materials and recommended profiles list:

  • PLA
  • ABS
  • PETG
  • TPU
  • ASA
  • Carbon Fiber PLA
  • Nylon PA-12 certified materials

High-temperature materials such as ABS pose special challenges for most consumer/low-cost 3D printers. As a result, certain materials have an undeserved reputation as not well suited for 3D printing.

We’ve engineered the Fusion3 F400 to ensure it is ideally suited to 3d print large parts out of ABS and produce great results.

When 3D printing high-temperature materials, the rules are pretty simple: keep the material hot enough after being extruded to control the rate of cooling, and therefore, reduce/eliminate warp. So not only do you need a hot environment to print in, but you need to eliminate the influence of outside events that could disrupt your print.


High Power Bed Heater

It all starts with our heated bed: it’s high-power, drawing up to 450W. This enables us to keep ABS hot enough to control the rate of cooling, and therefore, warp.

Fusion3 F400 Large ABS 3D Printer Canada

Multiple Zones On The Print Bed

Our bed heater is broken into multiple discrete zones with different power densities (patent pending). This keeps the entire print surface at the same temperature, further controlling warp and undesirable cooling of the printed part.

Fusion3 F400 Large ABS 3D Printer Canada

Enclosed Print Area

The F400’s enclosure does two important things: a) it passively retains heat given off by the bed, raising the ambient temperature of the build chamber and further reducing thermal stress; b) Eliminates the influence of air drafts on the printed part.

Fusion3 F400 Large ABS 3D Printer Canada

High Power Print Head

Successful prints require your 3D printer to get your print head hot enough to melt ABS quickly and keep up with how fast you want to print. Thanks to its high power print head and 300*C temperature limit, the F400 quickly heats up and maintains consistent high heat, ensuring rapid extrusion and strong bonds between the layers.

Fusion3 F400 Large ABS 3D Printer Canada

Excellent Quality Material Suppliers

One thing we’ve found over the years is that the quality of ABS resin can vary widely from supplier to supplier. The vendors whose ABS material has been certified to run on the F400 use a high-quality base resin that has excellent strength, low warp, and good layer bonding characteristics. These manufacturers ensure the material is extruded to exacting tolerances and packaged so that it stays dry.

Fusion3 F400 Large ABS 3D Printer Canada


Your choice of all-around performance, or optimized for high-throughput additive manufacturing


Balance of Speed & Print Quality,
perfect for most customers
via a single E3Dv6 print head
with a 0.4 MM hardened steel nozzle


50% Faster Production / Manufacturing
with less detail via
a single E3D “Volcano” print head
and larger 0.8 MM hardened steel nozzle.

Fusion3 F400 3D Printer Canada

Fusion3 F400 3D Printer Canada


Powerful features that save time, effort, and ensure great print results

  • 4.7″ Color Touch Screen

    Easy to read display puts advanced controls at your fingertips

  • Remote Management

    Full-featured remote management: upload files, monitor print progress and start/pause/stop the F400 from anywhere on your network (via ethernet,wi-fi capable using 3rd party adapter)

  • Automated Bed Leveling

    Automated bed leveling (compensation) via built-in IR sensor which samples the bed height and adjusts the Z axis in real time to maintain the correct height

  • Simplify3D

    Every F400 comes with a 2-seat license of Simplify3D ($149 USD value). This easy to use slicing software is lightning fast and generates superior output of your models, optimized for the selected material
    Fusion3 3D Printer Simplify3D Canada


Our rigorous certification process ensures a wide variety of quality materials will print ‘out of the box’

  • All metal E3D print head extrudes any material that melts at <300°C or less
  • Print filament from all major categories including: PLA, ABS, ASA, PET, PETG, PC-ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Flexible (TPU/TPE), Polyester, Acrylic (PMMA), and Soluble.
  • We continually work with manufacturers to test and certify new materials, publishing optimized profiles on a regular basis
  • Customers purchase materials from a variety of certified manufacturers, encouraging competitive pricing and best service
  • Fusion3 only uses hardened steel nozzles, ensuring durability & performance when printing metal, ceramic, carbon fiber and other abrasive filaments (unlike brass nozzles)


Our enclosed design, unlike open-frame consumer printers, enhances safety and comfort when used in schools and the workplace

  • Door with large windows protects against contact with high-temperature surfaces and sensitive electronics while providing an engaging visual experience
  • Quiet operation for offices and libraries (36db with door closed)
  • Optional HEPA / Carbon Filter System reduces smells and potentially hazardous emissions when used in locations lacking adequate ventilation
  • In the unlikely event of a heat-related issue, software-based safety interlocks provide for controlled shut down of the equipment


We’re so confident in the performance of our ‘F-Series Platform’, Fusion3 provides the best warranty and most professional and responsive service & support in the industry.

  • Industry-Leading 2 Year Warranty

    Fusion3 covers materials and workmanship with the longest warranty offered by any manufacturer (as of 1/1/2017).

  • Free Lifetime Phone & E-mail Support

    Our expert support staff is available between 8am and 8pm ET, Monday – Friday to troubleshoot and assist in the repair of any technical issues that might arise.

  • Enhanced Support Plan (optional)

    Under this optional plan, our support technicians will help you get the maximum benefit and productivity from your Fusion3 printer (beyond troubleshooting any printer related issues) including:

    • Basic & Advanced 3D Printer Operations (for Novice users)
    • Help to select the optimal material for your application
    • Improving your models for best printing results

  • Replacement Parts At Cost

    Even out of warranty, should you need replacement parts, we’ll provide those to you at our cost (cost of parts plus shipping & handling).

Fusion3 F400 Professional Large Scale Industrial 3D Printer Canada

Fusion3 F400 Professional Large Scale Industrial 3D Printer Canada

Fusion3 F400 Professional Large Scale Industrial 3D Printer Canada

Fusion3 F400 Professional Large Scale Industrial 3D Printer Canada

Fusion3 F400 Professional Large Scale Industrial 3D Printer Canada

Fusion3 F400 Professional Large Scale Industrial 3D Printer Canada

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