3D Gloop! - GLUE GLOOP - Glue for 3D Prints


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GLUE GLOOP! (Please Select Type Above) 

Glue Gloop! is designed specifically for bonding prints together!

Based on our amazing 3D Gloop! formula, Glue Gloop! is thicker and packaged in a syringe tube for precision applications. 

Tired of super glue not holding? (Not so super now are ya? 😜)

How about messy epoxies? -Yuck...

With Glue Gloop! it is as simple as glue, glue, stick! No need to rough up the surface of your prints to get them to glue together.

Just apply a small amount of Glue Gloop! to the bonding surface of both parts, press together for 15 - 30 seconds for a strong tack hold. Let sit for about an hour and your bonded parts will be at 80% strength. After 6 hours, Glue Gloop! reaches full strength! (Glue times may vary depending on bonding surface size and application amount.)

Either formulation works great when bonding ABS to PLA or vice-versa. For bonding PET, you absolutely have to use the PET version (coming soon). If you are desire the best possible bond for your application we STRONGLY recommend using the appropriate formulation on each bonding surface.