AzureFilm Flexible TPU 98A - White - 1.75mm - 0.3KG


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AzureFilm 3D Filaments Canada
Made in EU. High quality TPU resin. Beautiful clear prints, flexible hardness 98A. No stringing, no warping, no clogging. Allowing the material to easily stretch and bend.

Flexible Filament TPU 98A

Flexible Filament. The hardness of this TPU Filament is 98A Shore. Flex Filament is made in Slovenia and is manufactured in 300g coils. The wear resistance of the TPU Filament is 20% better than ABS Filament and 68% better than PLA Filament.

Recommended Print Speed:
Upper and lower layer: 10-20 mm / sec (600-1200 mm / min)
Print speed: 15-35 mm / sec (900-2100 mm / min)

WARNING: If you have trouble printing with flexible filaments, you may hear the filament cross during printing, which means that the filament is damp and needs to be dried for good results.

Printing Recommendations:
Nozzle temperature: 200–240°C
Heated bed: Recommended 0-80°C
Print speed: 10–30 mm/s
Build platform: Glass bed, Kapton tape, Blue tape. Recommended: Glass bed + Dimafix