Canadian Maker Series - ASA (UV Stable) Filament - Black - 1.75mm - 1 KG

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3d filament net weight MATERIAL NET WEIGHT: 1KG
Custom sizes may be available, contact us for details.
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3d print settings PRINT SETTINGS: SEE BELOW.
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Canadian Maker Series 3D Printer Filament Canada "Canadian Maker Series" 3D filament line:

As 3D printing enthusiasts ourselves, our Canadian Maker Series line of filament is locally engineered and produced for use in all open filament 3D printers. A dedicated advanced engineering team and small batch production allows for higher quality control, trace-ability and faster corrective action implementation based on feedback from the maker community. 

We understand that makers just want to make! So in this series we focus on high quality, locally made, affordable and practical 3D printing materials. We also take advantage of excellent local supplier partnerships and a loyal Canadian customer base (thank you!) to produce affordable yet high quality filament right here in Ontario, Canada!

0.02mm 3D filament Canada

The filament is processed on a new advanced line utilizing an A.I. control system that "learns" and tightens parameters such as ovality and dimensional accuracy the more it produces (±0.02mm or better!). Each lot and spool is controlled with a unique ID number, certifying its manufacturing precision tolerance and producing what we call a "Dimensionally Certified" filament!

UV Stable ASA Filament:

Our ASA (Acrylonitirle Styrene Acrylate) is a UV-Stable weatherable polymer.  ASA's UV-stability makes it an ideal material for outdoor applications that will experience intense exposure to the sun and weather.

ASA's exceptional mechanical and thermal properties along with excellent UV-stability makes it an ideal material and ABS alternative for use in Auto, Marine, and RV industries and for exterior applications such as mirror housings, cowl covers, radiator grills, and sensor housings.

ASA not only has great strength and interlayer adhesion but also features one of the best aesthetics possible with FDM 3D printing. ASA has a low-gloss sheen that makes technical parts look great and hides the layer lines.

Proudly made in Canada!

3D Filaments Made in Canada 

3d printing temperature guideline Printing


240°C - 260°C
  • Set your print bed temperature to approximately 90°C - 115°C. (if possible cool the bed down by about 10-20°C after the first couple of layers)
  • ASA printed at high temperatures will make the final product extra strong.
  • Sticks to PEI, Kapton Tape, ABS Juice (scrap ABS filament dissolved in acetone), or extra strong hairspray on clean glass.
  • A fully enclosed printer is recommended if possible to help keep some heat in while printing with ASA.
  • Works well with HIPS support material.