CARBONIO Nylon 12 - Carbon Fiber Nylon - Black - 2.85mm - 0.75KG


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TreeD Filaments Canada

Carbon Fiber Nylon 3D Printing Filament

  • We use only fibers, not powders for Carbonium. Because it’s not “Powder Carbon” but “Fiber Carbon”
  • 100% tested and working. After months of development, Carbonium is ready to be printed and actually works.
  • It is ideal for high-end mechanical applications, thanks to its high tensile modulus.
  • Its very low hygroscopy means you DO NOT have to dry the filament anymore before using it.

TreeD Carbonium Carbon Fiber Nylon 3D Filament Canada

 3d filament net weight NET WEIGHT: 0.75 KG (1.65 LB)

3d printing temperature guideline Printing


230-250 C°
  • .5 mm is the minimum diameter of the nozzle with carbon fibers reinforced. Carbon fibers are abrasive, we suggest to use a nozzle in hardened or tempered metal, like Widia, or wear resistance internal surface, like ceramics or other. NO tefloned surface!
  • PLATE TEMP: 100 C°
  • PLATE MATERIAL: blue tape, buildtak, glass with PVA, PEI
  • PRINT SPEED: 60 mm/s