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colorfabb glowfill 3d filament Canada


ColorFabb GLOWFILL - 2.85mm
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This filament will literally make your work shine! During the day it’s a beautiful creamy color which prints to a perfect smooth finish. In the dark your prints will start to glow like you would not believe.

A special highly concentrated phosphorescent pigment is matched with our PLA/PHA compound, so it’ll print just like our other PLA/PHA 3d printing filament. So charge up those 3d prints for some glow in the dark fun!

Net Weight: 750g

Printing temperature:
195 - 220C

Print speed:
40 - 100 mm/s

Heated bed
50 - 60C (optional)

TIP! For a better and longer lasting glow time print your models with 100% infill and charge up your models with some high power lights, or just let them enjoy the sunlight for a bit.

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