DynaPurge - Purging Cleaning Filament - 2.85mm

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 3DFUEL DynaPurge cleaning 3D Printer Filament Canada

Dyna-Purge® 3D Clean™ is a non-chemical, non-abrasive thermoplastic purging compound that is safe for both operator and machine. These pre-cut 8-inch segments are specially designed by 3D-Fuel with 3D printers in mind and come ready to use.

DynaPurge 3D Clean Purging Cleaning 3D Printer Filament Canada

 3d filament net weight PACKAGE: 1 TUBE CONTAINING 35 x 8 inch sticks in 2.85mm diameter.

3d printing temperature guideline Printing


  • Use Dyna-Purge® 3D Clean™ at 230 C, unless the material that is being purged out requires a higher temperature.

  • 230 C, unless you are purging a higher temp material. Purge at 5 degrees hotter than the temperature you use when printing.

    For example, if I’m purging Nylon, which prints at 260C, purge with Dyna-Purge® 3D Clean™ at 265 C.