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esun eMorph low temperature 3D printer filament Canada


eMate PCL Filament - 1.75mm
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eMate is a very unique type of filament made from Polycaprolactone (PCL). eMate is a safe, non-toxic and biodegradable material, it also has a very low melting temperature (prints at 70°C - 110°C - much lower than any other 3D printing material), making it a great overall material to be used around kids.

At normal room temperature the material is strong and will start softening at around 60°C.

eMate is unique in that printed objects can be remodeled, reshaped, retouched, repaired etc. by hand or with tools. Simply warming up the object (drop in warm water 80°C) makes it soft and workable.

STORAGE: One large resealable bag with slider + an extra desiccant pack are included with every spool. The bag and extra desiccant are a great way to safely store your filament spool when not in use. It keeps your filament bone dry & free from any dust or dirt particles, so it's always ready for your next print.

 3d filament net weight NET WEIGHT: 0.5 KG (1.1 LB)

3d printing temperature guideline Printing


70°C - 110°C
  • Heated print bed 45°C
  • Print slow, speed:10~40mm/s

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