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FDC Professional 3D Printer Canada

FDC F280 Business Grade 3D Printer
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FDC 3D Printer Canada

About the 3D Printer:

The FDC F280 is an FDM 3D printer designed specifically around the ever growing selection of materials available on and in the 3D printing industry in general. As Canada's leading supplier of 3D printing materials, we've incorporated our experience and expertise into building a 3D printer that encompasses the following 7 basic principles:

  1. Compatible with all materials sold on and more.
  2. Extremely reliable & dependable
  3. Consistent high quality output
  4. Long service life
  5. Easy to use
  6. Easy to maintain & service
  7. Made in Canada

The FDC printer brand is a custom upgraded model of the latest X-series 3D printers designed by Machina Corporation and made in Alberta, Canada. The X-series printers have been the silent 3D printing workhorse of government, municipalities, universities, schools, libraries and businesses across Canada since 2012, boasting reliability and consistent high quality performance. Unlike many new desktop 3D printers, this printer is a robust, proven and well tested machine; so you don't have to worry about being the test subject of a new and unproven system.

The FDC F280 3D printer is 100% backed by & Machina Corp.; We are one of the very first Canadian 3D printing Materials & Hardware companies - If there are ever any issues, we are just a phone call away and if needed, all parts can be quickly sourced from within Canada and our network of technicians can help at anytime, on or off site.

In addition to being a uniquely reliable business machine, please read some of the additional features that set this printer apart from lower cost alternatives...

Product Details of the FDC F280:

  • Direct drive custom Canadian DyzeDesign extrusion system & all metal print head.

  • Dual Z Stage to effortlessly support larger & heavier print jobs.

  • High precision German made IGUS lead-screws

  • Up to 20 microns layer height / resolution for production quality objects

  • Hardened stainless steel wear resistant nozzle for printing abrasive composites.

  • Uses industry standard & widely available 1.75mm diameter filament.

  • Available 500°C print head for melting engineering grade materials (standard 300°C)

  • 110°C glass covered aluminum heat bed for improved adhesion.

  • Removable glass bed for easy object removal.

  • Large 12" x 8.2" x 11" build volume (Custom sized machines also available)

  • 7" touch screen control panel with remote & network access

  • Enclosed front loading filament spool holder

  • Commercial flex chain cable management

  • High torque long life motors

  • Vibration dampening endoskeleton structure with passive airflow management

 FDC 3d printer Canada

High Torque Motors

The FDC printer uses high torque stepper motors, this means that the motors operate almost cold, thus generate less wear & tear, significantly extending their service life.

FDC 3d printer Canada

Vibration Dampening

Innovative Hardware Vibration Dampening Technology - HVDTech(tm). - The FDC printer has an inner endoskeleton structure made of ultralight aluminum and outer shell, this significantly dampens vibrations so prints come out accurately every time.

FDC 3d printer Canada

Easy Servicing

Easy shell removal for servicing - ALL panels can be removed individually without disturbing machine calibration. Belt tensioning, if needed, is a one person, one hand operation.

FDC 3D Printer Igus Canada

FDC Business 3D Printer Canada

FDC Business 3D Printer

Fast Prints

The aluminum melt block transfer heat very quickly to the nozzle for an efficient and very fast printing speed. Furthermore, the long melt zone can handle very high filament feed without any trouble.

FDC 3D printer

Titanium Transition Tube

A titanium alloy has been meticulously chosen to provide both stiffness and low thermal conductivity, limiting heat losses to the cold side.

FDC 3D printer

High Temperature

The high temperature sensor used inside the upgraded model of the DyzEnd-X enable precise readings up to 500°C. Virtually any thermoplastics can be used with this hotend. (Standard 300°C)

fdc 3d printer Canada

All Metal Melt Zone

The heated zone is made entirely from metals which can withstand very high temperature before losing mechanical properties. Even the sensors and heaters are protected by high temperature resistant sleeves.

fdc 3d printer Canada

Wear resistant nozzle

The DyzEnd-X comes built in with high wear resistant nozzle. The performance have been measured and tested.

fdc 3d printer Canada

Cold Swappable Nozzles

By using a very special high temperature sealing washer, the DyzEnd-X is able to switch nozzles at room temperature. No leaks, no burning hazard.

fdc 3d printer Canada

Flexible Filament Ready

The filament is very well guided inside the DyzeXtruder GT’s main frame, which allows very high speed with flexible filaments. The unmatched design prevents any flexible filament from leaking inside the mechanism. The drive system allows a superior filament alignment between the teeth for optimal prints.

fdc 3d printer Canada

Jam Free

The DyzEnd-X perform very well in retraction. The secret is its manufacturing process which enable very low friction inside the tube.

fdc 3d printer Canada

High Resolution Sensor

The unique high temperature sensor has a resolution of 0.16°C at 210°C which is better than a amplified RTD sensor and a thermocouple.

fdc 3d printer Canada


The DyzEnd-X comes with connectors for each electrical component so you can easily maintain it.

fdc 3D printer Canada

Sealing washer

The sealing washer ensure a leak-free operation and makes it easier to switch nozzles.

fdc 3d printer Canada

Easy to Mount Sensor

The sensor is installed with elegance using a brass housing. This ensure every hotend read the temperature properly without any variation caused by assembly.

fdc 3d printer Canada

Fast heating

The DyzEnd-X can reach over 200°C in only 60 seconds.

fdc 3d printer Canada

Any Plastics

The DyzEND-X prints all types of plastics:

  • Standard: PLA, ABS
  • Flexible: TPE, TPU
  • Support: PVA, HIPS
  • Advanced: PC, PET, PETE, PETG, NYLON
  • Engineering: PEEK, PEI (500°C version)
  • Metal powder filled
  • Wood filled
  • Carbon fiber filled
  • and more!
fdc 3d printer Canada

Metal Reduction Gears

The DyzeXtruder GT has a 5.65 : 1 gear ratio. This ratio has been chosen to use the full potential of a very small motor while, enabling very high pushing forces.

The gears are custom made from high strength hardened steel and brass. This combination allows low friction operations and a longer life. The gears and bearings are designed to last for hundreds of kilograms in extreme conditions.

fdc 3d printer Canada

Optimized spring

Spring tension is a key factor to a good and reliable extruder. Having the ability to adjust the tension present several challenge.
Applying too little pressure causes the filament to grind before the motor reaches its full potential. However, applying too much pressure causes the motor struggles against friction, inducing filament deformation, and losing torque that would otherwise be available to push the filament.
Adjusting the pressure from a spool to another can also yield inconsistent results.

fdc 3D printer Canada

Dual pinch drive system

The dual-pinch system allows a higher pushing force with a lower filament pressure. It reduces the risk of flattening the filament when highly detailed prints require a lot of retractions.

fdc 3d printer Canada

High pushing force

The combination of reduction gear, dual pinch and unique design enables the DyzeXtruder GT to push as much as 9 kg (20 pounds) of force. This is more than necessary for all 3D printing applications and strong enough to power through jams and filament imperfections that will bring most other desktop 3D printers to a screeching halt!

A high push force also means you can easily use larger nozzle diameters to push through more material and significantly reduce printing time!

fdc 3d printer Canada

Easy filament removal and insertion

The unique lockable lever makes filament change very easy and convenient. The locking mechanism holds the lever in position while you change the filament. After, simply push back the lever to disengage the locking mechanism.

fdc 3D printer Canada


The gear ratio was chosen to get the best of a very small motor.The DyzeXtruder GT is a lot lighter than a traditional extruder with a planetary gearbox, allowing for faster printer accelerations.

fdc 3d printer Canada

All metal

The aluminum housing is designed to offer a reliable operation, even in a high temperature environment.

fdc 3d printer Canada

Clean pinch system

The unique tooth profile allows a 4-contact point on the filament, increasing even more the maximum pushing force. Combined with the dual pinch drive, it can unlock the full potential of a geared motor and prevents any damage to the filament during printing.

fdc 3d printer Canada

Liquid cooling ready

The DyzeXtruder GT can be easily converted to a liquid-cooled setup with Dyze Design’s specialized cooling blocks.

fdc 3d printer Canada

Easy hotend swapping

The hotend locking mechanism is very practical and rigid.You can secure the hotend in place with only a screw. You can remove it even if there is still a filament inside the extruder due to its turning mechanism. No more hassle of disassembling your setup when you need to maintain your printer.

FDC 3d printer Canada                FDC 3d printer Canada

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