GeckoTek EZ-Stik COLD Build Surface


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EZ-Stik Prevents Peeling and allows for Easy Removal. Simply cut to size with standard scissors then use the peel and stick backing to attach to your print bed. Use the EZ-Stik Hot for heated beds and EZ-Stik Cold for non-heated beds. These fit EVERY 3D Printer!

Tired of blue tape? Never worry about warping or removing stubborn parts again. Developed to meet the needs of hobbyists and educators, EZ-Stik Cold is the first reliable, re-usable Build Surface for 3D printing without the need for a heated bed. Simply cut your EZ-Stik surface to size with standard scissors, then use the peel and stick adhesive backing to attach to your build platform. 

Eliminate Warping

We know how frustrating it is when the corners lift, or when parts come off. EZ-Stik's Advanced Coating Technology is designed to reliably prevent peeling. No need for a raft or to 'squish' the first layer. Print even the most difficult parts up to 8 inches long with no peeling.

Easy Part Removal

We designed the EZ-Stik Build Surface so that even the most delicate parts release easily. No need to worry about breaking parts during removal. We recommend using our non-scratching removal tool for the most difficult parts.

Lasts Over 100 Prints

Even under the toughest conditions, EZ-Stik Build Surfaces last over 100 prints with losing adhesion. Exact life span varies depending on the materials, settings, and 3D printer. Many customers get over 300 prints on a single sheet.

Improved Durability

Even though EZ-Stik uses a polymer sheet, it is still very durable. It easily resists light scratches by the nozzle.

Maintenance and Cleaning

There is almost no maintenance needed for GeckoTek Build Surfaces. We recommend that you wipe the surface with isopropyl alcohol wipes every 5-10 prints.

Please note: If using Ninjaflex, extra precautions are recommended. Please make sure the print and bed have cooled down all the way before attempting to remove the print, and take care to ensure the first layer has not been squished into the build plate.