HealthFil XRAY - Orthopedics Filament - Natural - 1.75mm - 0.75KG

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TreeD Filaments Canada

Healthfil is a range of filaments specifically developed for Orthopedics applications!

HealthFil Orthopedic 3D Printing Filaments Canada
Through partnership with some of the leading industry professionals, we have studied a range of materials to meet the most stringent requirements for rigidity, flexibility and durability post treatment.
All this without neglecting safety : our filaments meet all the requirements of the
UNI EN 10993-5 European standard and are therefore certified for skin contact.
As filament producers, we guarantee quality and consistency over time.


This is a PLA filament that is visible under X-RAY! Used for model pre surgery, before " cut or drill" a simulation of the part to operate,  a simulation of the surgical intervention, reducing errors and time.

 3d filament net weight NET WEIGHT: 0.5 KG (1.1 LB)

3d printing temperature guideline Printing


230°C °+/-10°
  • PLATE TEMP: 70 C°
  • PLATE MATERIAL: glass, pei, buildtak
  • PRINT SPEED: 30-50 mm/s