Kevlar Cut Resistant Gloves - 1 Pair


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The perfect gloves for your 3D printing maker-space! Use support removal and part removal tools with confidence that your hands will be protected from cuts and abrasions!
  • Made of 100-Percent DuPont Kevlar cut resistant fiber; strong, lightweight and flexible Kevlar® fiber protects hands from cuts and abrasions.
  • DuPont™ KEVLAR® brand fiber for high tensile strength relative to its weight - up to five times stronger than steel.
  • 18% greater cut resistance than standard KEVLAR® brand fiber for maximum protection
  • Ambidextrous with PVC dots on both sides for twice the wear and grip. 
  • Allows manual dexterity.
  • Tensile strength, cut protection 
  • Will not melt, ignite or conduct electricity
  • Perfect for 3D printing work areas, cutting work, glass handling, etc.
  • Sold by Pair

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