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Laywood Flexible Wood 3D Printer Filament Canada


LayWoo-D3 FLEXIBLE - 3.00mm
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LAYWOO-D3 FLEX is the flexible version of the original LAYWOO-D3, a German engineered wooden desktop 3D printer filament that looks and smells like real wood! In addition to the authentic look and feel, creating wooden color variations is as simple as cranking up the heat.

This new edition of LAYWOOD filament gives you even more 3D printing potential! Where the original wood filament sought to emulate the solidity and stability of natural wood, this FLEXIBLE WOOD version is essentially emulating the way branches act in nature; They’re flexible, elegant, and bendable without breaking.

This new formula offers greater flexibility and elasticity, which makes it perfect for 3D printing anything that needs to remain flexible, such as a belt, wooden decorations, small furniture, etc. although it can also be used for printing curved items where conventional filament wouldn’t work as well.

LAYWOO-D3 FLEX is a thermoplastic polymer-composite, made from harmless ingredients, although it is NOT rubber-like, bendable enough to print extremely strong objects.

LAYWOO-D3 FLEX net weight is: 0.25kg (coil) 

LAYWOO-D3 FLEX Features:

  1. Very low or even no warping at all
  2. Sandable like real wood
  3. Dark/Light wooden color shaded depending on temperature (185 to 255°C)
  4. Higher elasticity on darker layers
  5. Sticks well to blue tape, cold surface or ABS juice
  6. Contains up to 35% recycled wood

Recommended print settings:

  • Print directly on Kapton tape with a 50°C heated bed.
  • 185 to 255°C Printing temperature depending on desired color/elasticity
  • 0.5mm nozzle recommended
  • Faster speed requires higher temperature


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