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Machina MK2 X20 3D Printer Canada

Machina Corp

Machina Corp MK2 X20 Professional 3D Printer
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Versatile, superior 3D Printing at your fingertips!

The Machina Corp. MK2 X20 is a Canadian made professional grade 3D printer that can turn your ideas into full 3D printed models quickly and economically! It is a high performance desktop 3D printer for users who want superior value and versatility. This printer uses cutting edge technologies to build the highest quality, most accurate and consistent multi-material parts available in its class. the MK2 is one of the most versatile and future proof machine in the industry!


machina 3d printer features Canada


machina mk2 x20 3d printer Canada

Impressive Features:

  • Innovative Hardware Vibration Dampening Technology - HVDTech(tm). - Made of Ultralight Aluminum vibration dampening endoskeleton structure.
  • Dual Z Axis stage unmatched by any other comparable machine.
  • Heat management via active and passive systems.
  • Easy front loading of filament.
  • Superbly easy load/unload extruder system.
  • Virtually unlimited material capable design
  • In addition to PLA, ABS and PET, it is uniquely capable of printing composite materials such as wood, cork, bronze, copper, brass, soft PLA, glow in the dark, flexible, ninjaflex, ultra-flexible and rubbery materials. 

The MK2 is perfect for a variety of applications including robotics, art, molds, multi-material assemblies, rubber like components and rapid prototyping or educational purposes. The MK2 is easy to use, office and school friendly. In fact, it has already been installed and used in schools and libraries across Canada.


Machina educational 3d printer Canada

Additional features and technical data:

  • Ideal for everyday use in any office or school.
  • Eco-friendly, bio-degradable materials available.
  • Build multiple models at once.
  • Requires minimal training to operate.
  • Low operational cost - Part cost is a fraction of competing rapid prototyping technologies.
  • Superb print volume: 250mm x 210mm x 250mm ( 9.84in x 8.25in  x 9.84in)
  • Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Light Heated bed, up to 110c
  • Layer resolution as fine as 20 microns
  • 1.75mm material feedstock
  • LCD screen
  • Print from memory card, from your computer, from a Rapperry PI Add on or over a newwork.

    machina educational professional 3d printer Canada

    machina educational professional 3d printer Canada

    Whats Included:

    • Machina Corp. MK2 X20 3D Printer (Latest 2016 Model)
    • USB Cable
    • Power Cable
    • Glass build plate
    • SD Card + Adapter
    • LCD Screen
    • Hot-End Allen Key
    • 1 Spool of PLA filament
    • Printer will come pre-installed with your choice of a 0.4mm or 0.8mm nozzle.
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Customer Support

      machina 3D printer Canada

      machina 3D printer Canada

      machina 3D printer Canada

      machina 3D printer Canada

      machina 3D printer Canada

      machina 3D printer Canada

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