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MK8 wear resistant nozzle for 3D printer Canada

Micro Swiss

MK8 Wear Resistant Nozzle
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Easy upgrade for trouble-free printing of hard composites!

This is an MK8 style nozzle, it is made from a 360 brass base material and plated with TwinClad XT coating. TwinClad XT is a nickel composite coating designed for very low friction. It offers one of the lowest coefficient of friction, better then nickel with PTFE co-deposit. This coating is also very hard and abrasion resistant. If you are working with abrasive Carbon Fiber, Stainless Steel, wood filled or any other filled filaments, this will greatly improve the life of your nozzle.

In addition to being very hard, abrasion resistant and the high lubricity, plated brass has much better thermal conductivity compared to steel which is an important factor to consider when dealing with specific 3D printing temperatures.

With normal brass nozzles noticeable wear can occur after as little as 500g of abrasive filament. With our plated brass nozzle, we have run more than 4Kg of material without measurable wear!

Micro Swiss TwinClad XT Wear Resistant Nozzle for 3D printer Canada

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