MOLDLAY Filament - 3.00mm

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MOLDLAY is a new plastic filament with wax-like properties perfect for mold casting; both permanent and investment (lost wax) casting.

The MOLDLAY filament is specially developed for casting and becomes completely liquid at 270°C!

It is a wax-like thermoplastic which can be used for printing a casting mold and it features an excellent dimension stability and has almost no warping effect.

At room temperature the printed mold remains stiff and rigid. The filament becomes liquid (with a thin oil viscosity) when heated up to about 270°C thanks to some specially chosen types of oily paraffin. 

Print your desired model with MOLDLAY filament at a temperature of 170°-180°C. The printed molds must baked in an oven at approx. 270°C. Below you'll find both methods for printing a lost wax casting mold and a permanent mold with MOLDLAY filament.

How to make a lost wax casting mold with MOLDLAY:

How to make a permanent mold with MOLDLAY: