NefilaTek 100% Recycled HIPS Filament Refill Coil - Black - 1.75mm


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Nefila HIPS is a HIPS filament made from recycled plastic extracted from electronic waste in Montreal (Canada). The filament is made with HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) which allows impact and heat resistant 3D printings.

HIPS is a good alternative to ABS, it is easier to print and it presents less wrapping when the 3D printer is placed inside an enclosure.

HIPS can be dissolved with D-limonene or Terebenthine oil and hence used as a dissolvable support filament.

  • The filament has industrial diameter tolerance: +/- 0.05 mm
  • Made in Canada
  • Available in either 1KG or 0.5KG net weight, please choose above.

NefilaTek filament coils are compatible with our EconoFil Master Spools!

With our REFILL filament system, filament is produced as a coil WITHOUT a spool and is designed to be fitted on a REUSABLE master spool. A master spool is a spool that splits into 2 pieces in order to accept a refill filament coil and then closed back together to form a complete & full filament spool. Master spools can be either purchased separately or 3D printed from our free supplied STL files below.

The main advantages of using the REFILL system are:

  • Reduced overall cost.
  • Reduced shipping weight.
  • Reduced packaging waste.
  • Reduced empty spools accumulation & waste.

EconoFil Refill Filament 3D printed spool or injection molded spool Canada

HIPS properties:

  • Density (gr/cm3 ): 1.05
  • Melt index (gr/10 min, 200 °C/5 Kg) : 6-7
  • Impact, Notched Izod (J/cm) : 1.6
  • Tensile strength (MPa) : 22-24
  • Flexural strength (Mpa) : 36-38

Printing Parameters :

  • Nozzle temperature : 250-260 °C
  • Heated print bed temperature: 100 - 110°C (Mandatory)
  • Cooling Fan power : 30 - 50 %
  • Printing speed : 40-90 mm/s