NinjaTek TPU Starter Pack Bundle - 3 Materials - 1.75mm

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NinjaTek Flexible 3D Printing TPU Canada

Material bundle from NinjaTek! The world-leading flexible 3D filament provider, leveraging 50+ years of unmatched manufacturing expertise, providing unique solutions through polyurethane integration.

This bundle is ideal for those who are ready to move up beyond basic PLA/PETG and explore the next popular material; Flexible TPU! This bundle includes a well balanced variety of our top 3 flexible TPU based materials.

Includes 3 unique TPU materials:

  • 1x Spool of NinjaTek NinjaFlex 85A (High Flex) TPU, Fire (Red), 0.5kg, 1.75mm
  • 1x Spools of NinjaTek Cheetah 95A (Medium Flex) TPU, Midnight (Black), 0.5kg, 1.75mm
  • 1x Spool of NinjaTek Armadillo 75D (Semi-Rigid) TPU, Sapphire (Blue), 0.5kg, 1.75mm

About NinjaFlex 85A:  NinjaFlex flexible filament leads the industry thanks to its superior flexibility and longevity compared to non-polyurethane materials.  SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS: Seals, Gaskets, Plugs, Leveling Feet, Protective Applications

About Cheetah 95A:  Cheetah™ flexible filament is the fastest and easiest to print flexible filament on the market. The focus in development of this material was on optimizing the user experience. The result is a filament that is printable across all types of desktop 3D printers at ABS and PLA speeds, many times twice the speed of other flexible materials on the market. Cheetah filament possesses industry leading durability along with impact strength 84% greater than ABS. The abrasion resistance is also second only to NinjaTek’s Armadillo product, making Cheetah the perfect blend of speed, toughness and strength. SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS: Seals, Plugs, Hinges, Sleeves & Snap-fit parts.

About Armadillo 75D:  Tired of fragile 3D printed parts? Armadillo 3D printing filament is a perfect alternative to some of the most common rigid materials on the market. Armadillo filament is a high performing rigid material, providing 90% higher abrasion resistance than nylon materials. Its toughness ratings are superior to commonly used materials, 86 times greater than that of ABS. It is an excellent material to use for bridging, with virtually no warping issues. When you need a rigid product that can withstand wear and tear, the Armadillo resistance to fracturing makes it a perfect replacement. SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS: Braces, Fasteners, Gears and Protective Covers.