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Taulman3D Nylon 230 3D Printer Filament Canada

Taulman 3D

Nylon 230 Filament - 2.85mm
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Now you can print high strength nylon using your PLA printer! It does not require a heated bed or even an all metal hot end. A great high strength alternative to PLA and ABS.

Nylon 230 is the first nylon ever developed to be printed at 230°C or a lower temperature than any other 3D Printing Nylon. With the release of Nylon 230, taulman3D is providing owners of PLA only or PLA and ABS only 3D Printers to add a high strength Nylon to their list of material choices.

In addition, Nylon 230 prints on Blue tape, and even better on "built-tak" type surfaces as well as print bed treated with various PVA glues/glue sticks.

Nylon 230 is not quite as strong as some of the other taulman3d nylon material (618, 645, Bridge) but is still a very durable, strong and chemically resistant material, enabling you to print engineering grade functional parts using a simple PLA 3D printer.

Net Weight: 1lb (0.45kg)

Printing Temperature: 230°C (225 - 235°C)
Print Speed: 80% of  ABS speeds
Retraction: .5mm nozzle = 5mm
Print bed: 
Hot = Glass heated to 45C with coat of PVA glue stick
Cold = Blue tape
Cold = BuildTak with coat of PVA glue stick

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