Nylon 680 FDA - Natural - 2.85mm - 0.45 KG

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Taulman3D Nylon 680 FDA Nylon is a high grade pure polymer that is FDA approved for indirect food contact! Taulman 680 was designed to print in the same temperature range as other taulman nylons. It is less pliable and more transparent than the Taulman 645 as it is intended to support many medical uses as well as non-destructive visual inspection of printed parts.

The polymer is a pure polymer that is FDA approved.  There are no additives used in the chemical manufacturing or extrusion processes.  Nylon 680 uses taulman3D's processes to accommodate it's use in FFM style/type 3D Printers.

Nylon 680 is designed to be dishwasher safe, so that it can survive boiling water and steam

One other feature worth noting of this material is that its clarity allows for the relative ease of non-destructive evaluation of parts printed in Nylon 680 using a light table. Due to its clarity, users can see if a part has good adhesion on the inside of a part, where the infill meets the perimeter.

Post Process capability:
Nylon 680 is compatible with Ethylene oxide and Flash Steam post processing.
Note ; Nylon is hygroscopic and any water based processing will require a longer dry time.

taulman 680 nylon 3d printer filament Canada

taulman 680 nylon 3d printer filament Canada

    STORAGE: One large resealable bag with slider + an extra desiccant pack are included with every spool. The bag and extra desiccant are a great way to safely store your filament spool when not in use. It keeps your filament bone dry & free from any dust or dirt particles, so it's always ready for your next print.

     3d filament net weight NET WEIGHT: 0.45 KG (1.1 LB)

    3d printing temperature guideline Printing


    250°C - 255°C
    • Print bed = Glass heated to 45C with coat of PVA.
    • For ALL Nylon based materials, users should turn "OFF" any fans that blow on the printed part unless it's a very small part of less than 10mm sqr. = Alloy 910, 618, 645, Bridge, PCTPE, 680 and 230