Nylon PA12 - Black - 1.75mm - 1KG

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Our NYLON PA12 is a high performance polyamide filament widely used in the automotive, machinery and engineering industries.

For 3D printing, one of the most important properties (other than its strength) for choosing NYLON 12 over the more common NYLON 6 and other nylons, is the fact the NYLON 12 has a lower moisture absorption which is extremely important both before and after printing. In filament form, this means less issues with printing, less drying and higher quality prints. In printed object form, this means the mechanical properties of the printed part will remain unaffected even after prolonged usage and exposure to the air.

Main features of NYON 12:

  • Tough mechanical properties
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Superior UV resistance
  • High resistance to environmental stress cracking
  • High fatigue endurance
  • Low friction
  • Dimensional stability
  • Low warp
  • Heat deflection 110°C

STORAGE: One large resealable bag with slider + an extra desiccant pack are included with every spool. The bag and extra desiccant are a great way to safely store your filament spool when not in use. It keeps your filament bone dry & free from any dust or dirt particles, so it's always ready for your next print.

 3d filament net weight NET WEIGHT: 1 KG (2.2 LB)

3d printing temperature guideline Printing


255°C - 275°C
  • Heated bed required: 100°C - 110°C or higher
  • We successfully print our Nylon 12 filament on the Fusion3 3D printer at 270°C nozzle,and 125°C bed. On glass with glue stick.
  • Despite its low moisture absorption, the nylon should still be dried before use for best results. (~80°C for 2-3 hours. If drying with the spool, dry at 55°C for about 4-6 hours)