Print2Cast WAX Filament - 1.75mm

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Wax filament for 3D printing

When used for lost wax casting, the burnout is extremely clean (much better than using plastic filament).  This product can also be polished, machined, and carved MUCH easier than plastic filaments.


Print2Cast is softer than traditional plastic filaments.  Because of this, some extruder feed drives may need to be modified in order to properly feed the filament.  The easiest way to determine if your printer will need any modification is to find out if other people are already using any of the flexible filaments on your machine.  Many of the rubbery, flexible filaments on the market are even softer and more flexible than Print2Cast filament.  Because of this the modifications necessary for them also work well for Print2Cast filament.  There are two key points to keep in mind when printing softer filament material.

1. Guide the filament through the entire drive to prevent curling.

2. Provide proper tension on the guide arm bearings that presses the filament into the drive gear to prevent grinding.

Another issue to overcome is bed adhesion.  Some options include glues, paper, hair spray etc.  Our personal experience has had the best results using hair spray on a heated glass bed.  We recommend spraying the glass with 6 light coats, letting them dry in between coats.  

Enclosures can help increase success.

Here are a few startup recommendations to help get you started. Please keep in mind that these suggestions can be dependent on both your printer design and the geometry of the object you are printing.

a. Extrusion temperature = 140°C-150°C

b. Bed temperature = 80°-90°C

c. Shells = 2-3 (for most models)

d. Print speed is typically 20 to 70mm/s

e. Prints best when layers have enough time to cool. This can be achieved in several ways. A skirt/brim with all layers, active cooling fan, printing multiple identical items, sacrificial pillar, or extra pause time between layers. A caution here is to not cool too fast. This will cause exaggerated warp.