SAC1060 Nylon Mechanical Support Material - 1.75mm

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Taulman3D SAC1060 Mechanically removable support material for Nylon 3D Printing Filament Canada

SAC1060 is a mechanically removable (requires needle nose pliers) support material that works with all Nylons. This includes all of TAULMAN3D’s Nylons as well as Carbon Fiber Nylon and Glass filled Nylons.

While SAC1060 Prints at 235C to 255C like higher temperatures of Nylons, it does not “melt into or weld onto” Nylons. It was developed to stick to all Nylons as a support material during the printing process, yet retain a mild adhesion at ambient temperatures. This allows the user to print at 240C to 280C base Nylons with a support material that does not warp or melt based on print temperatures. 

SAC1060 is designed to support zero layer spacing between base Nylons and support material allowing for the best bottom surface finish.

SAC1060 has a low tensile making it crack easily during removal.

SAC1060 stands for "Sacrificial Material #1060".  Now you can 3D Print extremely strong parts having unique geometry with Nylons from PCTPE to Alloy 910. While some parts will always require a water soluble support material, now you have a support material for all your other Nylon requirements.

Tensile = 2,200 PSI
Elongation = 14%
Density = 1.24

 3d filament net weight NET WEIGHT, CHOOSE: 0.45 KG (1 LB) OR 1KG

3d printing temperature guideline Printing


235°C - 255°C

Printing temperature = 235C - 255C _ up to 265C for larger nozzles

NOTE:  SAC1060 is a sticky material coming out of the nozzle, so make sure nozzles are cleaned prior to each print.

Print Beds for use as a Raft :
PEI Bed = heated to 70C - 80C
Glass bed = heated to 75C - 85C
EZstik = 40C
NOTE: SAC 1060 is a sticky polymer when melted as it's job is to lightly stick to slippery Nylon surfaces.