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SmartFil PP Polypropylene 3D filament Canada

Smart Materials 3D

SmartFil PP - Black - 2.85mm
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smartmaterials3d filaments Canada


SmartFil PP is a Polypropylene filament with special additives to improve its adhesion to the printing surface. PP is versatile, transparent and light. It is also a material with good organoleptic properties. As well, its excellent mechanical, specially impact resistance, and chemical properties make it ideal for industrial purposes. PP is also recyclable and approved for food contact.

What can you achieve with this material?

Due to the PP particular properties, you can use it for a great variety of application felds, such as: packaging, textiles, tablewares, pipes, medical applications, etc.

It is great to obtain low weight pieces, so this material is quite interesting to automovile and aircraft industry, drone manufacturing, etc.

Its high printing resolution also let you use it for small pieces, as small robot components for example.

PP tape 3D filament Canada

 3d filament net weight NET WEIGHT: 0.7 KG (1.54 LB)

3d printing temperature guideline Printing


  • It is recommended to use a printing temperature of 220ºC. Above this temperature, it will come very fluid and this will decrease the printed piece quality. On the other hand, bellow this temperature the material will become difficult to be extruded by the printer.
  • The heating bed should be between 65/70ºC. Do not worry about contractions because our PP filament is designed to avoid them. Higher bed temperatures will just create or increase contractions.
  • We also recommend to use Brim when prining and that the first layer that gets in contact with the base should be thin in order to force the adhesion between the material and the base.

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