Taulman3D Alloy 910 HDT Filament - Black - 1.75mm

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For over three years, Alloy 910 has remained the dominant High Strength, High durability go-to material for 3D Printing. In that time we’ve received requests for a higher temperature capability yet maintaining the high tensile and chemical resistance of Alloy 910.

Alloy 910 HDT is our new addition that meets all of Alloy 910’s initial specifications, yet increases the Heat Deflection Temperature rating to 110C and an Annealed HDT of 180C.

To meet this new HDT spec, Alloy 910 HDT prints at a higher temperature of 285C to 290C.

Color = Black / Super Dark Blue
Tensile Strength = 8,100PSI
Modulus PSI = 72,932
Max Elongation at break = 31%
Print Temperature = 285C - 300C
Nozzle size = Any - There are no particulates or additives in Alloy 910
HDT = 112C and > 150C when annealed
Print Bed =
            Cold = BuildTak with coat of gluestick
            Hot = Glass heated to 55C with coat of PVA (PVA is 50% water  and 50% "Elmers Glue All")
Shrinkage = 0.0033   in/in