Taulman3D PA Cast Plate Nylon Filament - Black - 1.75mm

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Taulman3D’s PA Cast Plate is a High strength poly-amide that uses manufacturing techniques similar to Nylon industrial plates.

Casting Nylon in dies is a unique process that usually requires a difference in the
manufacturing of the base polymer. While there are some cast Nylons that will be used as is, the majority are destined for subtractive/tooling/CNC machining. For this type of machining, a high and consistent tensile strength is required.

Taulman3D has worked with our Chemical Company to develop this type of Nylon into a 3D Printing line thus bringing with it an exceptionally high tensile of 95MPA or over 13,500PSI. The result is taulman3D’s PA (Polyamide) Cast Plate.

HDT = 112C & 185C Annealed
Color - Black
Print Temp = 280C-300C
Speed = 38mm/s
Retract = 3mm
Tensile = 13,400PSI
Elongation = 30%