TruePure Premium PLA PRO (Tough/High Impact), Low Gloss - WHITE - 1.75mm - 1KG

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Filament Factory Canada


Filament Factory Canada is a top-tier Canadian 3D printing filament manufacturer focusing on true pure, non-toxic, food safe and recyclable materials based on unique polymer building block configuration research.

About TruePure PLA PRO

An additive free tough PLA with high impact resistance engineered to offer a non-toxic alternative to styrene based material such as ABS. Our PLA PRO retains the ease of printing of regular PLA whilst being suitable for functional applications beyond prototyping. Produces strong, accurate, clean, reliable and repeatable results. Clean extrusion and storage environments. +/- 0.02mm or less average diameter variation & roundness.

  • Polymer configured for toughness and high impact resistance without the use of extra additives!
  • Easy to 3D print.
  • 50% Stronger compared to ABS
  • Precise details.
  • Opaque (non transparent) colour
  • Strong layer bonding.
  • Annealable
  • Good adhesion to build plate.
  • Low warping.
  • Very low odor
  • 100% Cardboard recyclable spool.
  • Scraps accepted back for recycling.
     Made in Canada 3D Printing Filaments
    Manufactured in our Mississauga, Ontario facility using premium quality materials and extrusion equipment. Consistent diameter monitoring using multi axis laser micrometers. Every batch is traceable and tested for quality assurance. Spools are dried before packaging and ready to use upon opening.

      Printing Guideline

      Nozzle size: ≥ 0.15mm Print Speed: 40 - 60 mm/s Flow Rate: ± 100%
      Print Temp.: 190 - 230° C Fan: 50 - 100% Retraction: ± 5mm
      Build Plate Temp: 40 - 60° C Layer Height: ≥ 0.1mm Difficulty: Easy

      The above settings should work for most printers, however they are meant as a guidance and starting point only. Do feel free to experiment outside these ranges according to your specific printer. There are many different types of printers, hot-ends and printer configurations, it is therefore not possible to provide an overall one-size-fits-all setting. If stringing occurs, please try lowering your printing temperature and/or dry the material in a dehydrator (50°C for 2 to 4 hours)

      3D filaments Canada
      5 Meters Extra - FREE
      Every spool is slightly over-filled by at least 5 additional meters of filament. This can be used to calibrate your print settings for the spool without tapping into the 1KG net weight. Or as a safety net/ reserve in case some of your prints end up requiring a bit more filament than originally calculated.

      Technical Data

       Physical Properties TruePure PRO PLA ASTM Method
      Specific Gravity, g/cc 1.22 D792
      Melt Flow Rate (g/10 min) 9-15 D1238
      Peak Melt Temperature (C) 165 - 180 D3418
      Glass Transition Temperature (C) 55-60 D3418
      Mechanical Properties
      Tensile Strength, psi (MPa)

      XY 5,802 (40)
      YX 4,641 (32)
      ZX 3,481 (24)

      Tensile Modulus, psi (MPa)

      XY 416 (2,865)
      YX 355 (2,447)
      ZX 359 (2,477)

      Notched Izod Impact [amorphous], ft-lb/in (J/m) XY 2.99 (160)
      YX 2.26 (21)
      2.04 (109)
      Notched Izod Impact [crystalline], ft-lb/in (J/m)

      XY 4.37 (233)
      YX 3.74 (200)
      ZX 1.19 (64)

      Flexural Strength, psi (MPa) XY 10,588 (73)
      YX 7,106 (49)
      ZX 6,672 (46)
      Flexural Modulus, psi (MPa) XY 350 (2,414)
      YX 287 (1,979)
      ZX 341 (2,352)
      Heat Distortion Temperature (C) 66 psi (0.45 MPa) YX 75-85 (Annealed) E2092


      Click here to download Safety Data Sheet


          TruePure PLA comes carefully spooled on a 100% recyclable cardboard spool, vacuum packed in a moisture resistant metallic bag with extra adsorbent double silica gel desiccants packs. Guaranteed tangle free upon arrival.

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          Trouble free end-of-spool
          In case you're not there when the filament runs out, we carefully ensure that when the end of the spool is reached, the filament will easily release from its winding hole, saving your printer the trouble of playing tug of war with your spool holder.

          Scraps Recycling

          3D Filament Recycling Canada

          We gladly accept any scrap produced from our filament. Leftover material, supports and discarded prints can be shipped to us for efficient and responsible recycling. Please segregate different materials and mark your package/s clearly, letting us know what's inside. Colours do not have to be segregated.