Monocure 3D PRO BIGVAT Resin - Grey - 5 Ltr

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The ultimate resin for your large format monochrome MSLA/DLP 3D printer. Engineered with enhanced build plate adhesion properties and a “no-more pigment separation” formula.

M3D purpose developed BIGVAT™ resin has the following properties:

  • Low in viscosity, to ensure the highest details
  • Enhanced build plate adhesion properties
  • No pigment settling or separation during long prints
  • Rapid cure formula for faster prints
  • Tuff base for enhanced tensile strength
  • Can be printed between 10 – 100-micron layer heights
  • Low reaction heat for enhanced LCD longevity


Monocure 3D PRO resin range was specifically developed for those wanting professional results. All our resin products in the Pro range are built on our advanced, polyurethane base material, ensuring tough, long-lasting prints, with no shrinkage or warping, plus more tolerance to heat & UV exposure. Our library of unique, reliable PRO resins has been formulated to help you reduce costs, work faster, and print professional-looking parts every time.

You don’t need to look any further than our PRO range when you need products that possess superior quality and batch-to-batch consistency.


  • After shaking the bottle, wait for the surface bubbles to pop before starting your print.
  • Ensure you have enough resin to complete the print job, top-up the VAT if necessary.
  • Always store your resin in dark, cool places away from direct sunlight. Do not allow products to freeze.
  • All our PRO resins are versatile and can be printed between 5 micron and 100-micron layer heights. To achieve the best results, 3D models should always be designed solid. If hollowing is required, ensure drain holes are included to remove any trapped resin.


  • For best results after printing, use ResinAway® for removing uncured resin from the part. Place part in a pre-wash bath filled with ResinAway® and use a soft brush to remove excess resin. Follow by placing the component into an ultrasonic cleaner with ResinAway® for 3-5mins to help remove the resin trapped in the finer detail.
  • Ensure parts are dry by using compressed air or patting gently with a lint-free cloth before post-curing – Warning: leaving excess IPA or ResinAway® on parts might result in surface cracking.
  • Pro Resins requires post-curing to reach its optimal mechanical properties. We recommend using a 405nm LED Ultraviolet light to post-cure the model. It is recommended to post-cure for a few minutes, then remove the excess ResinAway by washing with fresh water. Then place it back in the curing chamber for at least 30 mins to improve the tensile strength of the resin.
  • When exposing a part to external elements, apply paint to the surface to improve longevity. Alternatively, the components can be machined, sanded and polished to create a tough scratch resistant surface.


Viscosity 200 – 300 cps @ 25°C (Brookfield RVT)

Odour Negligible Characteristic

Active Solids 100%

Shelf Life 24 months

UV Cure 225nm to 420nm

Layer Height 10um – 100um

Cure Speed Fast with UV LED

Storage Dark Cool, Dry place out of direct sunlight

Wash Up RESINAWAY® or IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol)