New Program for Academic 3D Printing Research & Development

At we believe that the future of 3D printing can bring us wonderful & endless innovations in all walks of life, from the fun and creative to life saving, and everything in between.

We think that supporting the brilliant people and institutions that will help make this happen is extremely important.

We have therefore created an academic research & development program where we put aside limited quantities of 3D printing materials that will be available to university and college researchers at discounted prices.

Anyone wishing to purchase materials for academic research should send the following information to

  1. List of specific material, color and quantity requested.
  2. A brief, but complete description of the proposed research using our materials.
  3. A letter written on your university or college's letterhead and signed by a faculty member which stipulates that none of the materials purchased will be used for "in vivo" experimentation and that none will be consumed by humans or animals.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.

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