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Official News & Updates New 3D filament spool meter length estimator

How many meters of filament do I have left on my spool?

This is a common issue that we come across very often when 3D printing with 1kg filament spools. new 3D filament spool unique Smart Length Indicator now shows users the length (in meter) of the remaining filament which allows for a timely refill.

Now our spools are not only beautiful and strong but they are smart as well.

3d filament spool length estimator measurement

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3d spool inset Spools Adapter Inset Ring spool holder spool insert

This is a simple adapter for the spool design. This inset is designed to be inserted into the back side of the spool where the hub hole diameter is bigger; it will even out both sides of the spool so it can fit all spool holders, including the Original Prusa MK2 printer spool holder which only holds the spool on the edges of the hub hole.

Download here spool holder spool Inset holder spool insert for spool...</p>

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Sparkly Glitter Flake HTPLA - Stardust now available in Canada

exotic 3d filament Glitter Flake HTPLA proto-pasta glitter sparkly 3d filament stardust pla

A quality filament as you would expect from Proto Pasta. This filament prints perfectly, has a very unique look from any other filament we have seen, gives anything you print that extra "pop".  A good material to make some pretty unique gifts and decorative items with.

Glitter Flake HTPLA
Sometimes you want a professional matte finish and sometimes you just want some shine! Take gloss to another level with Glitter Flake HTPLA.  Print with the ease of standard PLA with standard hardware and temperatures, but make fun, mesmerizing prints that...

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3d wood filament PLA 3D Wood PLA wood filament Wood PLA... easy printing just like standard PLA and it even smells like fresh sawdust while printing!

3D printing wood PLA

Our WOOD filament is a premium grade wood composite material designed specifically for 3D printers. 

Our wood filament is made of a mixture of real Wood particles and PLA allowing it to be printed just like a thermoplastic such as Standard ABS or Standard PLA, but with a wood like appearance. It even smells like sawdust while printing! Works with 0.4 nozzle but we recommend to use a 0.5mm nozzle or larger to prevent clogging.


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Some incredible 3D prints, thank you Hugo Hernandez for sharing!


Some of my prints with the material I won from, you guys are the best! The quality of my prints has increased thanks to the reliable material, 14hr print? No worries!

3d printed helmet 12 spool

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