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Interested in testing out brand materials or just need a small amount of filament? Brand Filament Samples

Samples are a great low cost way to try out a wide variety of 3D printing materials!

  • Each samples is packaged as a coil (no spool)
  • Each sample contains approximately 30 grams of material
  • Random Color
Samples available in the following materials:
Standard PLA
Standard ABS
Flexible PLA
Easy PC
Wood PLA
Copper PLA
Bronze PLA
Tungsten PLA
Carbon Fiber PLA
Carbon Fiber ABS
Nylon PA6
Nylon PA12
Flame Retardant ABS
Conductive ABS

    Read more → & 3DomFuel release a new high-strength Engineering PLA filament in Canada. is proud to announce that we have officially teamed up with 3DomFuel, the North American and European manufacturer of 3D-Fuel filaments, to bring you this Advanced PLA+ filament (APLA+)!

    The new 3D printing material is a perfected and highly resistant version of traditional PLA, making it an advantageous alternative to ABS.

    Advanced engineering PLA+ 3D printing filament

    APLA+ was designed specifically for the impact strength required in industrial applications.

    Engineering APLA+, which is now available for order through, is a multi-purpose filament that was developed to...

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    The Worlds First, and only, Desktop 3D Metal Solution! The most highly infused metal filament ever made! Now available in Canada

    Our Kits include everything you need to create stunning, 90+% metal 3D prints that are indistinguishable from Pure Metal! And if you like what you've polished, Sinter it into Pure Metal!

    The amazing FilaMET enables you to achieve metal 3D printing on your desktop 3D printer! Created by The Virtual Foundry using over 90% copper and PLA, the finished print can be polished to a decent shine or even kiln fired to leave a 100% metal item. Turn your desktop 3D printer into your own personal foundry!

    Click here to learn more

     Metal 3d...</p>

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    Tired of changing out 1 kg spools often?

    When you have a high quality 3d printing material, why limit yourself to 1kg spools?

    There are some clear benefits to using 2kg filament spools:

    • Once your filament is dialed in, you can run longer prints without changing filaments mid way
    • Easier to handle larger prints without needing to think "is there enough?"
    • No need to change out 1kg spools as often
    • Environmentally friendlier

      2kg 3d filament spools

      Check out wide selection of 2kg spools - Click...

      Read more → New 3D filament spool meter length estimator

      How many meters of filament do I have left on my spool?

      This is a common issue that we come across very often when 3D printing with 1kg filament spools. new 3D filament spool unique Smart Length Indicator now shows users the length (in meter) of the remaining filament which allows for a timely refill.

      Now our spools are not only beautiful and strong but they are smart as well.

      3d filament spool length estimator measurement

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