3D Printed Cannon!

Ron RivkindJuly 07, 20143 comments

We wanted to share an absolutely awesome 3D print of a functioning cannon done by one of our customers.

The barrel is a 2 piece barrel printed with the translucent Orange PLA and with a printed spring made of the Nylon PA material.

The carriage and wheels are made from ABS filament.

After about 50 hours of printing.... here is the result!!

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Mario on April 05, 2017

Would love to make one of these. If anyone is willing to share the stl files my email address is mariotigus77@gmail.com


Mario on April 02, 2017

Its a beauty. I would love to get my hands on the stl files. Where can I download them?


karl on October 11, 2014

nicely done!!!

where can we find the .stl files?


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