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DSM Industrial 3D Printing Filaments now Available in Canada


We are happy to introduce our Canadian customers to the new filament line of true industrial materials from DSM.
Royal DSM is a purpose-led global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living. DSM 3D printing materials are also part of the Ultimaker material alliance program!
See the entire DSM material for Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) products, now available:
Arnite® ID 3040: A pure PET material, for higher temperature applications with better dimensional stability:
(Transportation - lighting frames, brake booster body valves, wipers | Electronics - white good connectors, fog lamp housings | Sports & Lifestyle)
Arnitel® ID 2045: High-performance TPC, >50% renewable content. For soft or flexible applications:
(Automotive, aerospace, railway, motorsports – e.g. lighting frames, tubes, wipers. | Flexible tools and electronics | Healthcare – such as brosthetics, bruxism splints | Sports & Lifestyles – e.g. shoe midsoles, mouth guards, shin guards, glasses, earbuds, smartwatches, jewelry)
Arnitel® ID 2060 HT: High-Temperature TPC, 100% Recyclable, for high temperature applications, Prolonged high temperature performance: 175°C (1000 hrs), 190°C (500 hrs):
(Transportation & Motorsports - Air-fuel management system; heat shields, tubes and covers for motor sports)
Novmid® ID 1030: Pure Nylon PA6/66 material for durable applications requiring good mechanical properties:
(Electronics - Benchtop assembly jigs, custom parts specific storage | Transportation | Sports & lifestyle)
Novmid® ID 1030 CF10: 10% Carbon reinforced; prints as fast and easy as an unreinforced material. (End-use automotive (under-the-hood) and motorsports
Aerospace, railway | Robust performance tools, jigs & fixtures, electronics | Sports & lifestyle e.g. shoe lasts)
Novmid® ID 1070: PA6 material for high temperature resistant applications in harsh environments:
(Automotive - Air intake parts, door handles, engine covers, radiator grills, etc. | Electronics tools and parts - Circuit breakers, connectors, tubes for wiring, cable protectors, etc. | Sports - Ski binders etc.)
Now DSM filaments now available:

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