What's the difference between our different house brand PLA products?

EconoFil™ Standard PLA (ON SPOOL)

Made from generic standard/medium grade priced resin (not lowest/cheapest grade as some other "value" priced PLA's). A great mid range PLA perfect for most non critical everyday 3D printing applications. Easy to print and produces good quality results as expected from any other standard PLA material. This PLA is spooled in a normal way and not in an organized/neat fashion like the EconoFil Premium below.

EconoFil™ Premium PLA (ON SPOOL)

Made from NatureWorks Ingeo PLA resin (NatureWorks is considered a major brand name in the PLA raw material market which is also reflected in their higher raw material prices and therefor higher filament price.) Ingeo resin main advantage over generic brands is usually a faster crystallization rate which means that the material will solidify faster as it comes out of the nozzle. This theoretically translates into reduced stringing, better overhand performance and improved overall printing details. Also, it is neatly spooled in an organized fashion for easier and smoother unrolling and reduced chance of tangling. In terms of strength it is not noticeably different than any other standard PLA we tried. The natural form/color of this PLA is clear transparent with almost no “yellowing” whatsoever.

EcoTough™ PLA (ON SPOOL)

Made from a proprietary resin. EcoTough is a very strong PLA. When compared to most standard PLA’s on the market, EcoTough is almost 300% stronger (higher tensile strength, higher elongation at break, higher bending strength, higher impact strength). EcoTough also does not contain any plasticizes or additives, making it truly safe for home or school as well as contributing to smoother printing and improved overall results. The natural form/color of this PLA is a milky white.

EconoFil™ EcoTough™ PLA (REFILL)

Same as above (EcoTough PLA) but in REFILL form (no spool) and very basic packaging.

Canadian Maker Series PLA

This is a modified PLA (Which means it has added additives that increase strength, reduce brittleness, increase print-ability and give a low gloss, sharper pantone coded colors). While not as strong as the EcoTough it is still considerably stronger and less brittle compared to standard PLA. This PLA is also produced on a newer production line and in lower volumes for increased quality control. Advanced PLA production line utilizes one of the best dimensional accuracy tools available in the industry and each spool is individually identified and certified to +/-0.02mm accuracy which is the best in the industry. Advanced PLA also has a more professional low gloss finish. It is also made from FDA (Food Safe) approved raw material. The natural form/color of this PLA is a milky white.